A downloadable game for Windows

Welcome to the 36th annual Slave Racing World Cup! We've got a fantastic lineup for you folks today, it's sure to be a race for the ages! While the racers are making their way up to the starting line, let's have a look at who's competing, shall we?

A brand new face to the slave racing scene, you're taking the reins as "The Rookie", a young slave racer ready to make history in the big leagues!

Whip your slaves to achieve maximum speed, swerve and drift your way around the track, and knock your opponents out of the way to cross the finish line first!

Left click to whip your (and your opponent's) slaves
M to toggle the Map on and off
TAB to toggle the Third Person Camera on and off
CAPSLOCK to switch to Cinematic Mode (good luck playing in this) :P

Space to slow your slaves down
R to reset your position if you get stuck
ESC will lock/unlock the cursor

Made in 72 hours by

Alexi Bay (Programming, UI, Unity Stuff)
Noah Gracey (3D Art, Texturing)
Timon Incze (Sound Effects, Voices)


NationalEgyptianSlaveRacingLeague.zip 20 MB